Firstly, a big congratulations is in order! Or, it’s not official yet and you’re just browsing - that’s fine too (we’ve all been there).

Weddings, as you’ll know, are a bit daunting to organise. Your Pinterest board is probably blooming with photos of wild weddings, classic weddings, underwater weddings and everything in between.

With that in mind, let’s look at the different types of flowers you’ll needfor your big day. These are your ‘bare minimum’, so you can have a think about the look you want before you speak to your florist.

1)   The Bride’s Bouquet

It’s the most important part of your wedding flowers, isn’t it? Your bouquet sets the theme of the day, so spend time finding exactly what tone and style you’re looking for. This will give your florist the best idea of what else to suggest.

Crazy or sophisticated? Loud or tasteful? It’s up to you.

2)   Bridesmaids’ Bouquets & Hair Flowers

 Will they be smaller versions of your bouquet? Or will you go with complementary colours? Decisions, decisions. 

3)   Buttonholes 

 You’ll need to make a list of every single person who’ll need one, as you wouldn’t want anyone being left out on the day. These people, typically, include:

-      The groom

-      Each groomsman

-      Father of the bride

-      Father of the groom

-      Ushers 

4)   The Ceremony

Picture the moment. Exciting, right? It will also seem a little nerve-wracking. 

If you’re still with us, you’re doing well. Breaking the day down like this it makes it much easier to digest. We’ll keep you right. 

For the ceremony, you’d be looking at these main displays:

-      Aisle decorations

-      Guest’s tossing petals

-      Alter arrangement

-      Entryway arrangement

5)   Reception

Time to party! The hard bit is over and now you can enjoy yourself. The flower arrangements you need for your wedding reception really do depend on the style and size of your wedding. 

Generally, the main aspects are:

-      Guest’s table centrepieces

-      Head table decoration

-      Flowers for the wedding cake (or, to follow the trend, wedding cheese)

-      Bar arrangements

And it’s as easy as that. There you have the five main categories of flowers you’ll need for your wedding.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, you needn’t be. These things take time to plan and, lucky for you, we’re here to help. 

Why don’t you contact us today to discuss what you’re looking for?


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