Are you a born poet? If so, you may want to skip this article. This guideline is for the majority of us who find writing hard.

So, once you’ve picked the perfect bouquet from our online store, how are you meant to know what write in the messages box?

We aim to make the whole process of ordering flowers online as easy as possible for you, so to help you get on with your day, we’ve broken things down for you to give you a helping hand.

Before we start

Think about who you’re writing the card to, and what you want to say. This can be as simple as ‘my girlfriend, to say sorry’, or ‘my neighbour, to say thank you for looking after my cat’. 

Next, we want you to look at our ‘soppy scale’ and decide where you think your recipient fits in. Then, you could go right ahead and skip to that section of this article. 

On the other hand, reading the whole thing will equip you for any flower card situation, so it’s up to you.

Category One: A Colleague

As we say in the infographic, this category could also include people like neighbours, your kid’s teacher or someone who has done you a favour:

“I really appreciate ______. You didn’t have to, so I wanted to say a special thank you.”

“Thank you for always going the extra mile.”

“It’s always a pleasure working with you.”

“We hope you get well now, not soon. We want you back!”

“Wishing you a speedy recovery, from everyone here at ______.”

“Congratulations on _______. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it!”

“Good luck in the new venture. We’re all sure you’ll be amazing.”

“We’re sad to see you go. Good luck with everything.”

“From everyone here at _____, we’re thinking of you and your family at this difficult time.”

“We are all here for you at this difficult time. Let us know if you need anything.”

“We’re sorry to hear of the passing of your ____. We wanted to let you know we’re all here if you need anything.”

Category Two: Friends

You’re probably in constant contact with your friends on Whatsapp, so why do you freeze when putting pen to paper? Nick one of these light-hearted messages to add some humour to your bouquet.

“Sorry I can’t be there to annoy you, so I’ll have to do it here, you old git.”

“I wish I was there to plant one on you, but these will have to do.”

“What do you call flowers that are mates? Buds. Like us, see? Admit it: you laughed! Happy ____.”

“Hear about that flower on Tinder? He wanted somebudy to love. Chin up, mate. He/She isn’t worth it.”

“Some buds, from a bud, to say congrats on your budding career/romance.”

“Good luck at the new job. I be-leaf in you.”

“Mind you don’t PRICK yourself, dear friend.”


“You may be out of sight, but you’re never out of mind.”

“Every time you look at these flowers, remember you are loved.”

“These are to celebrate you for being you!”           

“Dear friend, I’m so sorry for your loss. You know me and the girls/lads are here for you.”

Category Three: Family

Simple is best with family, so don’t overcomplicate it. Familial bonds are deeper than any message on a card, and besides, they’ll probably know you’ve had some help. That’s why we won’t offer any ‘blueprint’ here.

Just be you. 

Category Four: Your Partner

Let’s end things by going full-blown soppy, shall we? They’ll either find it cute, or cringy (and therefore funny), so it’s a win-win. We’ll take inspiration from some classic love songs and you can have your own laugh seeing if they realise:

“You became the light on the dark side of me.” Seal, Kiss from a Rose.

“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do. I’d go to the end of the earth for you. To make you feel my love.” Adele, Make You Fee My Love.

“I’m so in love with you and I hope you know. We’ve come so far my dear, look how we’ve grown.”  James Arthur, Say You Won’t Let Go.

“I’m just writing to say I love you. And I mean it from the bottom of my heart.” Stevie Wonder, I Just Called to Say I Love You.

“Maybe I don’t know so much, but I know this much is true: I am blessed because I am loved by you.” Celine Dion, Because You Loved Me.

“I would do anything for love. I’ll even do that.Meatloaf, Anything for Love


If you need to say sorry, then humour is extremely risky. It could make the situation a lot worse, as it might be considered “too soon” to joke about whatever has happened.

Jut play it safe and save yourself a headache. If you’ve went to the trouble of buying a bouquet, why ruin it now?

With this in mind, try something like:

“I’m so sorry for [the specific thing you’ve done. Be as honest and specific as you can]. You probably think I’m [be overly harsh on yourself], but I hope you can forgive me. I’m sure you’ll like the flowers, at least.”

Being specific in your apology shows you’ve thought about your actions, while being overly harsh on yourself usually incites a “you’re not that bad” reaction, making them more likely to forgive you.

What? It’s not cheating.

Above all, if you’re in any doubt, just be honest. They’ll appreciate it.

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Anther Flowers Admin