Once you pick the perfect posies from our online store, it’s down to you to do them justice. But how do you get your bouquet looking as good as the professionals do?

We’re going to assume you’re clued up on how to make your flowers last longer, and you have your flowers, vase and water prepped. If not, read our quick guide of how to do so.

Anther Flowers’ easy three-step guide for flower arranging for beginners 

Step One: Secure Your Arrangement 

Have you heard of floral foam? 

This is what the experts use to fix each stem in place. It’s like a huge sponge that is soaked in water and flower food. 

But, since you’re learning the ropes (and let’s face it – you’re probably not going to buy any), we recommend using flower tape to tie the base of your flowers together.

Flower tape is not sticky like normal tape. You activate the wax by rubbing it with your fingers. You can buy it for around £1.00 from Amazon.

To get the expert effect, use the tape to create a grid pattern. This way, each stem can be placed exactly where you want it to, without it drooping.

Step Two: Foliage First

The next step to expertly arrange your flowers is to start with foliage. These are the leafy greensin your bouquet: the stems without flowers on.

Working in a clockwise direction, criss-cross the stems. Follow the shape of your vase, and remember the foliage should rise 1/3 above the rim.

This acts as a base to add your flowers to.

Step Three: Work from Smallest to Biggest

Build up your bouquet level by level. Intertwining the stems of the smallest flowers in the foliage in a consistent pattern.

Once you get to your large flower heads, follow two simple rules:

1)   Put one flower in the centre of the arrangement, facing straight up.

2)   Add the other large flowers around the outside of the bouquet, working in odd numbers.

 Try to spread colours out around a hand’s width apart so that your bouquet looks beautiful and even. 

 Voila! That’s our simple three-step guide to basic flower arranging. Now you can arrange your next bouquet into a professional-looking arrangement.

 Learn best with video? This short video by Flying Flowers should help. 

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