It’s easy to let autumn feel like the shortest season, isn’t it?

You’re blue that summer is over, but you’re looking forward to Christmas. We’ve all been guilty of this.

But here at Anther Flowers, we think there’s plenty to love about autumn.

So, to help you keep your feet firmly in the present, and read the top ten things we love about autumn.

1. The Return of Layers

Jumpers, jackets, scarfs, hats, gloves and boots.

The list can’t help us make a satisfying “ahh” sound.

While it’s a shame to cover up the summer body you never had, it feels good, doesn't it?

2. Halloween

Because when else is it okay to dress up as your favourite horror character and knock on a stranger’s door to ask for chocolate?

3. Bonfire Night

You’re never too old for a sparkler. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

4. Conkers

Even if you don't actively seek out your nearest Horse Chestnut tree, you’ve got to admit that if you pass one, you kick through the leaves to see if the local kids have missed any decent conkers, right?

5. Food

Say “goodbye” to summer salads, and “hello” to hearty heaven.

Stews, broths and proper dinners. Put back on the weight you didn’t lose for summer.

6. Central Heating is Eventually Justified Again

It’s not “just you being cold”. It is cold, and that’s a fact.

Although shopping for loungewear is satisfying, a pair of sweats isn’t enough at this time of the year.

But new loungewear and central heating? Now we’re talking.

Get that thermostat up and get yourself comfy.

But remember - don’t keep your bouquet too near a radiator. Why not? Read our flower care guide here.

7. An Excuse Not To Go Out

Finally, you don’t need to feel bad about not making the most of the weather.

In autumn, your home really is your castle. It’s similar to a spring clean, isn’t it? You need to get your house ready for winter.

How about a fresh bouquet of flowers to make your place extra special? It makes sense.

8. Great New TV

Admit it: you spent longer than you should have watching TV over summer, didn’t you?

What’s done is done. But now you’re in your new loungewear, the heating is on and you have an excuse not to go out, it’s only natural to wonder what’s on the box.

The good news is that this autumn is no exception to years gone past and there’s a load of new TV on its way:

  • I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, ITV.

  • Catherine the Great, Sky Atlantic.

  • His Dark Materials, BBC.

  • The War of the Worlds, BBC.

9. A Chance to Get Ahead

You’ve got two months left until New Year, so why wait until then to make positive changes in your life?

If you make new goals and plans now, your new habits will be routine by the New Year.

Save a little money. Book a night class. Sign up for the gym. Do more of what makes you happy.

By the time Christmas is over and 2020 hits, you’re two months ahead of everyone else.

10. Autumn Colours

We’ve saved our favourite until last.

Reds, yellows, burnt oranges and ambers; there’s nothing like the colours of autumn.

And although we’ve whole-heartedly condoned staying indoors, if the weather allows it, there’s nothing like a brisk autumn stroll through the leaves.

Do you need some location inspiration? Wild About Scotland suggests some of the best spots to see autumn leaves.

Can’t make any of these trips? We’ve got some good news for you.

You can now bring the colours of autumn into your home by ordering our NEW autumn bouquet.

Anther Flowers Admin